SIT20207 Certificate II in Hospitality

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a range of activities and functions requiring basic operational knowledge and limited practical skills in a defined context. Work would be undertaken in various hospitality settings, such as restaurants, hotels, motels, catering operations, clubs, pubs, cafes and coffee shops. Individuals may work with some autonomy or in a team but usually under close supervision.


There are no prerequisites for entry into this qualification.

Course Outcomes

This course will provide participants with the knowledge and skill to:

  • Develop an appreciation of the hospitality industry
  • Build interpersonal, communication and customer service skills
  • Follow health, safety and security procedures
  • Provide food and beverage service to customers in a range of hospitality industry enterprises
  • Follow key hygiene procedures which apply in hospitality and tourism enterprises

Course Outline

Core units

  • SITHIND001A – Develop and update hospitality industry knowledge
  • SITXCOM001A – Work with colleagues and customers
  • SITXCOM002A – Work in a socially diverse environment
  • SITXOHS001A – Follow health safety and security procedures
  • SITXOHS002A – Follow workplace hygiene procedures

Plus one of the following

  • SITHFAB020A – Apply food and beverage skills in the workplace*
    (for candidates completing a Food and Beverage Specialisation)
  • SITHIND002A – Apply hospitality skills in the workplace**
    (for candidates NOT completing a Food and Beverage Specialisation)

Elective units

Specialisations: Specialisation may be achieved by selecting a minimum of 4 elective units from either Specialisation

  • Group A – Food and Beverage or Specialisation
  • Group B – Accommodation Services

Specialisation Group A – Food and Beverage

  • SITHFAB001A – Clean and tidy bar areas
  • SITHFAB002A – Operate a bar
  • SITHFAB003A – Serve food and beverage to customers
  • SITHFAB004A – Provide food and beverage service
  • SITHFAB005A – Provide table service of alcoholic beverages
  • SITHFAB006A – Operate cellar systems
  • SITHFAB007A – Complete retail liquor sales
  • SITHFAB008A – Provide room service
  • SITHFAB009A – Provide responsible service of alcohol
  • SITHFAB010A – Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages
  • SITHFAB011A – Develop and update food and beverage knowledge
  • SITHFAB012A – Prepare and serve espresso coffee

Specialisation Group B – Accommodation Services
Accommodation Services

  • SITHACS001A – Provide accommodation reception services
  • SITHACS003A – Provide porter services
  • SITHACS004A – Provide housekeeping services to guests
  • SITHACS005A – Prepare rooms for guests
  • SITHACS006A – Clean premises and equipment
  • SITHACS007A – Launder linen and guest clothes

Client and Customer Service

  • SITXCCS001A – Provide visitor information
  • SIRXCCS001A – Apply point-of-sale handling procedures

Tourism Sales and Operations

  • SITTTSL007A – Receive and process reservations
  • SITTTSL010A – Control reservations or operations using a computerised system

General Elective Units


  • A minimum of 4 elective units must be selected from the general elective units which include; Food and Beverage, Accommodation Services, Client and Customer Service listed above.
  • A maximum of 2 elective units may be selected from the Commercial Cookery and Catering units.

Client and Customer Service

  • SITXCCS002A – Provide quality customer service
  • SITXCCS004A – Provide club reception services


  • SITXADM001A – Perform office procedures

Commercial Cookery and Catering

  • SITHCCC001A – Organise and prepare food
  • SITHCCC002A – Present food
  • SITHCCC003A – Receive and store kitchen supplies
  • SITHCCC004A – Clean and maintain kitchen premises
  • SITHCCC006A – Prepare appetisers and salads
  • SITHCCC007A – Prepare sandwiches
  • SITHCCC030A – Package prepared foodstuffs
  • SITHCCC031A – Operate a fast food outlet


  • SITXFIN001A – Process financial transactions
  • SITXFIN002A – Maintain financial records


  • SITHGAM001A – Attend gaming machines
  • SITHGAM002A – Operate a TAB outlet
  • SITHGAM003A – Conduct a Keno game
  • SITHGAM006A – Provide responsible gambling services


  • SITXINV001A – Receive and store stock

Qualification Rules

To be awarded this qualification, the student must successfully complete 12 units of competency, 6 Core units and 6 Elective units.

Accreditation and Articulation

Upon successful completion of this course students will receive a SIT20207 Certificate II in Hospitality.

This qualification is recognised nationally under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Pathways from the Qualification

After achieving the SIT20207 Certificate II in Hospitality, students may undertake the SIT30207 Certificate III in Hospitality, or a range of other Certificate III qualifications.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

A formal process for recognising skills and knowledge, RPL takes into account previous studies you may have completed as well as life and work experiences. You may be granted credits or exemptions for some units in this course.

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A summary of the employability skills developed through this qualification can be downloaded from